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  2. Ralph: “For example inflation can become excessive because of irrational exuberance. In this situation, the CB (under the regime I advocated above) just tells government that the latter must reduce net spending.”That is not correct to my understanding. MMT does not tell to reduce spending it tells to use fiscal policy which have more tools at its disposal than just spend/not spend.

  3. Tbh, the aliens probably wanted to clear out the area, and tried to fight back the army. I watched this movie with my friends, at home , and I was shocked about how ***spoilers***they just kept doing the same thing for about 45 minutes, which was hide from the aliens, attract them, hide, be happy about the aliens not being visible, find them again, hide….But I liked parts of it, the ending was okay, not bad, not splendid.

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  11. Also ohne jetzt schleimen zu wollen, aber ihr hattet mit Abstand den schönsten und am freundlichsten besetzten Stand!! Die ausgestellten Beispielkarten haben viele neue Inspirationen gebracht (mir hat es vor allem diese 3D-Technik der Stempelmotive angetan!) und auch sonst: ein großes Kompliment an euch! Viele liebe GrüßeSandra

  12. I sometimes wish I hadn’t had children. I have two sons, one 26 and one 23. It is so hard seeing them struggling with adulthood. It is like reliving those years all over again, and while I had good times, it also was hard and not something I enjoy reliving. Also, I’ve come to realize that children are born with personalities and nurture has very little influence over their outcome. We can teach them to be polite, but that’s about it. And they don’t always become the people we would like them to be.

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  14. “In real-life, Tony Mendez and Ben Affleck don’t look all that different. In fact, if one didn’t know Mendez was of Hispanic descent, it wouldn’t be obvious. He looks White enough.”Wrong on all counts. His appearance is no different than people that are typically classified in the US as Latino. He looks absolutely nothing like a pale WASP. If he were in Arizona, he would be approached on suspecion of being an illegal immigrant.And while you might not consider Latino a race, Hollywood most certainly does. They are who you should be directing that complaint to.

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  16. Love this whole wedding shoot! The couple is stunning and the photos you took of them are fantastic!! A true Storybook wedding and you caught so many special moments – the photos are incredible I am sure the couple was thrilled. I feel like I am at the wedding as I am looking at them – well done E. Luna!!!

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  24. Hi Vix, the skirt and bag are really cool Vix – Went to a St-Vincent de Paul half price sale this weekend with Izzy, we got lots of stuff – You should see Izzy shop, so funny! she has the eye a quick eye, just entered the place, took my coat off turned around and here she was with 5 shirts in her arms, Mom!! i need help! Ariane xxxxx

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  26. Não, dona Lia, ao contrário. A face PSDBista de Satanás não fez nada. Foi o totalitarismo criminoso do PT da sra. Rousseff, aliado ao santo trabalho dos católicos fiéis que – com a graça de Deus! – desmascararam os inimigos de Cristo infiltrados qual câncer na Igreja de Deus.Alegremo-nos, que a vitória foi bonita… :-)Abraços, Jorge

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  28. Regarding “danger to the community”: I’d like to see what the transcript shows. However, for what it is worth, prosecutors routinely argue that repeat fraudsters are a “financial danger to the community.”If the judge meant that he’s a danger in the sense that “fanatics react violently to him,” then that’s contemptible.

  29. Youtube seriously needs to get their damn act together. I'm sick and tired of having to constantly complain because people I'm subscribed to are getting suspended for no reason at all, or because youtube doesn't have the backbone to stand up for what is right.I think it's time to move on to a new site guys. There is way too much corruption going on at youtube, which of course was predicted when Google bought them out.

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  51. Roerich was the Master, we are all the servants Jamie.Yes, ask one of those beautiful librarians in Wellington Public Library about Roerich, and you'll get a blank stare. Somehow Ed Hillary is our icon and it is hard for others to get a foot in edge ways. Roerich lived with mountain tribes for over 30 years and was a great listener, note taker and sketcher. He reored all he saw.

  52. I think this a great hire. No doubt Cal will score points. Defensively, Cal has better athletes than LaTech, so I feel they shouldn’t be as bad as LaTech’s D. Cal’s defense this year did suck though, thanks to Pretendergrass. It was obvious that the players were unhappy with him, and it showed in points allowed. Cal will surprise people.

  53. “Stress is a killer. It damages us mentally and physically, and there’s enough stress in our lives between the economy, our children’s future, our mortgage, our personal security. Why add to it?Ultimately, happiness matters.”I am framing this and hanging it above my computer. I am still doing the day job thing and have a career as a published author. I was a single mom for several years before I met my current husband (who loves to cook!). What you have said here is what I have needed to hear for a long time. Kudos to you for making it all work!

  54. Thanks for sharing. God has been restoring my faith in the local church as a whole over the last week. I shared with you what happened with our church. Through that, God began to show me that some of my thoughts about the local church were simply false. This just goes on to help affirm what he has been showing me. Way to go Cross Point!!!.-= Aaron Reddin´s last blog .. =-.

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  56. I don’t usually get too excited for the draft (for the reasons stated in previous articles posted here) but I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the re-runs of old drafts on NBATV. Seeing a young, happy Rasheed Wallace was mind-blowing but it was nowhere near as entertaining as watching GSW, Don Nelson & Chris Webber. Knowing how it all turned out after the fact made it exceedingly enjoyable.

  57. Dear Dawn,It’s astounding how much God speaks to us that way, if we’re tuned in to hearing Him. Obviously you are. What you have to deal with is hard stuff. I thought of you as I went to publish this post, and felt perhaps it was a bit too glib. It’s easy to say these things on a blog. Tremblingly hard to live them out in the ugly real world. I am continuing to pray for you. God bless you for your faithfulness in this critical situation! And may you enjoy some time of peaceful reprieve, and an especially blessed Christmas

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  73. Does McCain understand what “spread the wealth around” means?What did Palin call that? “Redistribution of wealth”? Or as we say around here, “Boogaboogabooga!”She declares class warfare, and McCain bitches about it. Great teamwork.

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